asadi Kid's Sandal [CJA-13172907]

Looking for shoes or sandals for your children? We have mini size version of adult sandals – you can match with yours and make it as a family uniform shoe. We also have We Bare Bears ™ sandals and flip flops for your children’s liking.

▶️ asadi Kid's Sandal [CJA-13172907] ◀️
- Comfortable
- Casual looking
- Ultra light weight
- Back strap provides secure fit
- Ventilation holes on upper for better breathability

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) is the main material used in producing asadi shoes which offer benefits such as:
✅ washable;
✅ odourless;
✅ water proof;
✅ premium comfort;
✅ environmental friendly;
✅ incredibly light weight;
✅ easy cleaning and dry quickly.

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